This case study delves into my extensive involvement over a year in the ongoing evolution of the nvicta dashboard. Beyond a mere redesign, my role encompassed continual improvements, adapting to client feedback and evolving operational needs.

Project Overview

The primary objective was to revamp an outdated dashboard, originally developed without the input of UX design principles, into a dynamic, user-focused interface that adapts and evolves with user requirements.

My Role and Contributions

  • Design System Implementation and Evolution: Initiated and continually refined a comprehensive design system, ensuring consistency in visual and code components.

  • Scalability and Adaptability: Designed the interface with a focus on scalability, accommodating a range of user roles and entities, and prepared it for ongoing modifications.

  • Collaboration for Continuous Improvement:

    • Engaged continuously with the Product Owner and various department heads to align the dashboard with changing functional needs.

    • Established an iterative design review process with front-end developers and aligned back-end development with evolving UX objectives.

    • Presented and adapted design solutions in response to feedback from team leaders, operators, and supervisors, ensuring the dashboard remained user-centric.

Challenges and Continuous Resolutions

  • Evolving Design System:

    • Challenge: Initially, the lack of a unified design system led to inconsistent user interfaces.

    • Solution: Developed and consistently updated a set of standard design elements, harmonizing them with the corresponding code.

    • Result: This approach significantly boosted development efficiency and adaptability to new requirements.

  • Responsive Design to User Needs:

    • Challenge: The original design lacked intuitive navigation, leading to user difficulties.

    • Solution: Regularly updated the dashboard layout, incorporating feedback to enhance user navigation and experience.

    • Result: These ongoing improvements led to a marked decrease in user complaints and enhanced overall user satisfaction.


Over a year, the nvicta dashboard project evolved beyond a basic redesign. Through ongoing updates based on user feedback and operational needs, it significantly enhanced the daily workflow for nvicta employees. This process demonstrated the value of flexibility and focusing on users in developing technology solutions.